Name Change

In January 2013, our congregation voted to change our name from Foot of Ten Independent Bible Church to Foot of Ten Independent Baptist Church.  We struggled with this decision for over a year, and the following items lead us to change our name.

Better definition

Our church has always been conservative and Baptist in doctrine. Being called a Baptist Church better defines who we are to the outside world.

There is a world outside Pennsylvania (believe it or not)

We have come to learn over the past few years that our church has been viewed as liberal because we were a "Bible Church" and not a "Baptist Church".  Turns out, that in most of the country, Bible Churches tend to be very liberal in convictions, practices, and even doctrine.  Some people would not visit our church because they assumed we were liberal, since Baptist was not in our name.

Constantly explaining 

Over the years, our pastor has had to explain our doctrinal stand and conservative practices numerous times to potential visitors, evangelists, Christian colleges, and mission boards.  After much conversation, he is able to then prove to them that we are conservative and Baptist.  Add that onto explaining the whole "Foot of Ten" thing, and you get one long conversation.

Right alliances

Due to all of the items listed above, we were having trouble aligning ourselves with conservative Christian/Baptist organizations.  We had trouble recruiting school teachers from conservative Christian colleges because they doubted we were conservative, due to our former name.  Some conservative mission boards would not allow us to be a sending church for missionaries, due to our former name.  Many struggled with the thought that those boards and colleges are the ones who need to change, not us.

Proper View

After much thought and prayer, we decided we wanted to be viewed properly by the ouside world.  We decided we needed to change in order to make it clear that we align ourselves with conservative Christians/Baptists, instead of having people assume we align ourselves with more liberal ways of thinking.


Same Beliefs

Even though our name changed, our beliefs and standards are not changing.  We remain true to biblical doctrine and conservative standards. 

New Direction?

You may be reading this because you have heard about the direction that Foot of Ten is headed.  Well, the truth is, we're still headed in the same direction--the straight and narrow.  The only difference is, we are taking more of a stand about it.  Some may call this legalism, but we don't believe that's true.  

No more sitting

In this modern, "emergent church" society we live in, biblical truth is being smothered by relativism, over-analysis, and the latest trends of what is cool.  We don't believe in bending the Scripture to make it say what we want in order to excuse some sin in our lives or to make life more convenient.  We believe the Bible means what it says!  We are called to live sanctified, separated lives, and to be in the world but not of the world.  It is time, now more than ever, to stand for what is right, and be the "peculiar people" God has called us to be.

The whole Word

Here at Foot of Ten, we preach the whole Word of God--not just the portions that the majority wants to hear.  True, we preach the parts about God's love and grace, but we also preach the parts that hurt and convict us of sin.  While every aspect of Christian character may not be spelled out through the Bible "in black and white," there are, certainly, numerous biblical principles that should govern the way we live.

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