On the first Saturday in December, our church hosts a Community Giveaway for the needy in our area. We collect "stuff" all year long--everything from clothing, to housewares, to furniture, to toys, to books.  A small, dedicated group of volunteers sorts through these items throughout the year and boxes up the clothing by size.  

Then we transport all of the items to our school gymnasium and set up different clusters of goods.  When people arrive, they are given a trash bag, and they are allowed to fill it as full as they can with whatever they want. Everything is completely free, including the furniture.  Christmas music, cookies, and hot chocolate set the mood, as we offer the good news of Christmas through Jesus Christ.

Each year, we are able to help hundreds of people--some of whom just lost everything to a house fire. All guests are given a gospel tract, and volunteers are on-hand to share the plan of salvation.