Sunday School







Our nursery is available for Sunday School, and you may leave your child there between Sunday morning services. While guzzling a bottle, your child can join the deep theological discussions on topics such as the Abomination of Desolation and Daniel's 70 Weeks.  Just kidding.  This is good old nursery care provided by a great group of ladies from our church.  There are plenty of toys and plenty of room to roll (or toddle).



Children's Classes

Sunday School classes are available for ages 2, 3-5, and Kindergarten - 6th grade. The children will learn Bible stories, sing songs, and do an activity paper.  We use curriculum from Pensacola Christian College and Regular Baptist Press.





Our Teen Sunday School class meets up in the youth room and studies issues relevant to teens.  This class is taught by Pastor Matt and his wife.





Pastor Dave leads our Homebuilders Sunday School class, which is made up of younger couples with and without children.  This class typically studies books or topics related to marriage and rearing children.  





Our Lifebuilders class is a mix of college age and middle age adults.  They study a variety of topics, and this class is taught by one of our deacons.





Adult Class

The adult class is made up mostly of our senior saints and some middle-aged folks, and is taught by "Pastor Bob".  He has earned that name because he cares so much for his class, he usually beats Pastor Dave to the hospital when one of the members is having surgery or is ill.  This class also studies a variety of general topics.